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Quick Look: Cat Quest

2017-08-20 25:10 Quick Looks

Ben and Abby don't know a lot, but they're pawsitive that this game is adorable.

Kingdom Heartache: Episode 4.44

2017-08-20 53:03 Features

Ben and Jason struggle to find what makes this land so wonderful.

Best of Giant Bomb 130 - Helmut Kruger Jr.

2017-08-19 13:09 Best of Giant Bomb

Another family member from the Kruger household is taken down and another version of Bequest is still broken.

Quick Look: StarCraft Remastered

2017-08-19 35:27 Quick Looks

Look at those faces! LOOK AT THAT KERRIGAN!

Quick Look: MatterFall

2017-08-18 19:11 Quick Looks

MatterFall is an action packed game full of robot bugs, arm guns, and discussions about the ins and outs of the sci-fi genre.

Quick Look: Nidhogg II

2017-08-17 36:59 Quick Looks

Things get a little stabby, shooty, and messy on the way to see the dragon.

Quick Look: Agents of Mayhem

2017-08-16 43:06 Quick Looks

Every city needs a hero, but this one needs twelve.

Quick Look: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

2017-08-16 22:48 Quick Looks

When you have seven other games in a series what can do to make it fresh again? One word: anime.

Quick Look: Sonic Mania

2017-08-15 33:02 Quick Looks

Somebody finally listened to Jeff and Ben's pleas and made Sonic good again?

Giant Bombcast 494: Fievel Fight

2017-08-15 45:39 Giant Bombcast

This week we round up as many new releases as we can, like Sonic Mania, Starcraft Remastered, and Matterfall, run down the end of the International, ponder card games, weigh in on scorpions and Riff Raff, and try on our best accents.